Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sketching my way into a world wide art project….

It’s here, it’s here! My little blank book filled with possibility arrived in the mail. I am so excited to be part of “The Sketch Book Project 2011”. When this little beauty is full and returned it will join thousands of others and tour galleries in the USA then take up residency in The Brooklyn Art Library? How cool is that?!

I have chosen the theme “Sleepless”. Unfortunately I am quite familiar with sleeplessness and I decided on those occasions when sleep wont come I can spend a little time on this project, instead of lying in bed getting more and more worked up because I should be asleep.

There is still time to join in, go on, you know you want to...


  1. what a great thing to do for when u can't sleep! i visited another blog just 5 minutes ago that is also participating in this sketchbook thing-

    have you read danny gregory's "creative license"- it's really great. i'm not really an artist, but was very inspired by it. he says if you really want to know about something..draw it. and that is so true i have found.

  2. That is very cool! Great idea to put those sleepless hours to good use too. Whenever sleep eludes me I want to get up and sew, but its a tad noisy as compared to sketching. : )

  3. It sounds a little bit wrong to wish you many sleepless hours so you can fill your book ... so I'll just say have fun with the project instead! I am joining in and have chosen "happy thoughts" (so far the book is blank!!)

  4. The sketchbook project sounds like a great thing to be involved with. Shame I can't draw.

  5. Good luck with the project. I had a spell of sleepless nights last year (I had a constant pain in my face) and found it was better to get up, rather than tossing and turning and fretting that I couldn't sleep.


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