Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My new favourite brush….

Check out this beauty! I picked it up yesterday and I’m in love. I have some really expensive brushes in my collection; from when I worked in an art supply store (we imported handmade brushes from Germany). I also have a whole swag of $2 shop brushes, perfect for mixing paint and scrubbing over heavily textured surfaces.

Nothing compares to this new brush though; the ease with which it moves over the canvas and the flowing lines it creates - divine. I think I shall have to pick up one in every size! I guess this is how other women feel about shoes.  I couldn’t give two hoots about shoes and I hate shoe shopping, but set me free in an art supply shop and I am in heaven!

p.s. if you look closely you will catch a glimpse of this morning’s painting in the background. I am absolutely thrilled with it. Many happy dances accompanied by spinning and clapping have been performed in its honour!!! I shall share it with you properly when it dries enough for me to get it outside for a photo shoot.


  1. I had that kind of reaction to my new scissors earlier in the year, so can relate! Painting is looking good, signature colours by the look? PS. Am wearing my new CPD beanie today, thank you! Have had lots of compliments and I think I look pretty hip if I do say. : )

  2. Hi Kylie - I loved your interview over at Curly Pops today. I also love the red painting that was the first image on that post - is it for sale? Nic

  3. Oh yes to brushes, art supplies, and art shops. Throw in a book shop every now and then and I'm in heaven.

    Lately I have been all about discovering what brushes I really like to work with. It's so much fun.

  4. I can't wait to see the painting. And I feel the same way about beads. I totally get it!

  5. i am so glad your spinning with happiness over your new creation! :) can't wait to see more of it-


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