Monday, October 4, 2010

Still untitled….

“Embraced”, “Nestled”???? I’m still not set on a title for this one, but I am sure that I love it!  It’s the third in the “Namaste” series and it would make a really lovely pair with “Grace”.
 I have another painting in this series brewing away in my head and my heart….. I’m just waiting for a few uninterrupted hours to bring it to life.


  1. How about "Embracing", instead of the past tense? There's quite a bit of passion in that red... It's a beauty, by the way. Or am I way off on the whole "passion" thing??

  2. I'm thinking more along the lines of "awoken" "awaken" ?? something like that. To me it looks like an eye, and you are opening yourself up to the future possibilities of your work. Does any of that make any sense?!

  3. Lovely reds.

    How about 'Held'?

    It is certainly an emotional piece.

    (newbie here)

  4. actually i'm seeing an ear ... you could call it Vibrations.

  5. this is beautiful work I love it

  6. I saw an eye as well, so I'm not much help either! Really like the picture.

  7. It looks like an Egyptian eye to maybe awaken is appropriate?
    It also looks like two hands cupping the moon...I love this series, just lovely.


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