Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dream Home Update….Holes!!!

It’s so exciting to see things happening at “The Dirty” (Little Guy calls our block The Dirty – so cute!).

We have holes!

The surveyor’s markers that we were so excited to see in last week are now out with holes in their place.

This pile of steel will go into the holes today as they are filled with concrete.

We were a bit worried on the drive out to The Dirty last night as it was raining.  We didn’t want to face delays or have to have water pumped out of the holes…. But the rain soon stopped and then we were rewarded and reassured by this little piece of magic.

It’s going to be such a special place to live, I just can’t wait.

Well here we are, Blogtober 5th I’m doing ok so far.  How about you?  I wonder what stage the house will be by the end of Blogtober???  Exciting times.


  1. and beautiful holes they are too. how exciting for you. i hope they stay empty of things that don't belong in tem

  2. "The Dirty" sounds a perfect name at the moment but hopefully he will come up with a new one when you move in. Aren't you glad you don't live in the days when you would have had to dig those holes yourself? Cherrie

  3. Love it! Looks like such a cool lot to build your home, AKA The Dirty. That name, btw, is awesome. I'm really, really excited for you!

  4. So exciting! Love the name "the dirty" too. My daughter had named the in-laws place "the block" (as in, that's what it was. a block of land) and they still call it that 8 years later. In fact, they had that burnt into a plank of timber and then erected over the entrance to their property. Quite nice really.

  5. Oh that is very exciting. The Dirty sounds perfect :)

  6. Love your paintings! A dream house on The Dirty sounds like something I would like to watch evolve! Happy blogtoberfest :)

  7. Wow! Exciting! Great pics, too.

  8. Very exciting for you. The anticipation of your dreams being fulfilled must be wonderful :-)


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