Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dream Home update...

One of the things we like about the land that our dream home is being built on is the trees.  We plan to keep the bush at the back of the block quite natural and add native plantings amongst the tree to enhance the beauty of the bushland. 

When we bought the block the house site was already cleared and our designer has worked the house beautifully into the space.  Unfortunately one, small tree had to go, to provide access to the back of the block.  This morning we cut it down and it became our first wood pile for the new fire place.  It was quite satisfying to spend the time out there working in what will become our yard. 

I’m looking forward to more time spent out there this weekend, but this time planting!  We picked up a nice little collection of natives, free from our council.  They are destined for planting along the dry creek bed that our deck will overlook.  I can’t wait to live there! 


  1. It sounds like a wonderful and exciting adventure building a home out in the bush. I hope that you enjoy your tree planting, it always feels good getting out there in the garden.:)

  2. We saved as many trees as we could too when we built our house. It just makes it more.... cozy and established. Our framers cursed us many times as I made them work around big branches! Have fun. This is a crazy, fun process and I know you are going to like it!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing more of both your house and your planting! At least the tree you had to cut down will be used - I have just spent the afternoon in my studio with the log-burning stove keeping me cosy!!


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