Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shadow Shot + House Update + Exhibition Excitement

While this shadow shot may not be a spectacular photo, it marks a very exciting moment.  My Curly Guy and I are standing together for the very first time, on the floor of our new home!  

We have waited so long to see what it would look like up high in the trees where our home will be nestled.  It is spectacular!  We can’t wait to live here. 

I am so keen to get around and check out some shadow shots… It has been so long since I played along…  I have been immersed in preparations for my exhibition.  It opened on Friday night and I had such a fabulous opening night.  

I also had an online opening night so if you want to pop by and check out the show, just click here. There is still time for you to enter the “lucky door prize” on my Online Opening Night post, if you hurry, it will be drawn on Monday.


  1. The house looks stunning and that first shot is a real winner - freezing that memory in time forever!!

  2. I can't wait to see the outcome of your endless nest.

    Hmmm... looks very calm & quite up there. Share to us the updates.

    Love the first shot!

    Happy TS...

  3. Feel the same way as Catherine about your first photo! And your new house does indeed look fabulous! Can't wait to see more updates! Have a great weekend, Kylie!


  4. How exciting! You should enlarge this photo and mount it in your new living area of your home! What a glorious place to build a home, surrounded by God's nature - how lovely!
    Thanks for sharing your excitement.

  5. Wha a wonderful shadow shot to put in your family album! Glad your opening night went well.

  6. For the creative mind of an artist, a look in the woods van provide inspiration for acrylics on canvas - or perhaps the materials needed for alternative sculptures. Or any art. To live nestled in the woods, a place to contemplate or merely relax a bit closer to nature. It is a beautiful setting, the house of one’s dreams is wonderful!

  7. How exciting, and the shadows are awesome.

  8. Oooh very exciting indeed!!
    A great shadow shot of a special moment :)

  9. What a location! Your home looks like it will be quite large! Although I'm hopless with dimensions and stuff. I hope it will be completed quickly for you guys. Fingers crossed that the rain stays away until it's finished :) Looking forward to seeing more progess photos!

    Oh and your shadow shot is super sweet!

  10. Congratulations! I will now check out your opening!

  11. that first photo looks pretty spectacular to me!!!!

  12. it will have amazing views, how very exciting!


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