Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where’s all the art????

While you might imagine the lead up to an art exhibition would mean lots of paint and canvas, there is not actually that much creativity in my space at the moment…..

15 days till opening night and most of the work I am doing includes this diary.  Writing to the press, getting invitations out into the community, collecting paintings and applying for a group exhibition later in the year have occupied me this week.  Along with the excitement at The Dirty….the holes we celebrated earlier in the week are now full of cement and we should soon have poles rising into the air.  

I hope your creative spaces are exciting and abundant today, so that I can pop by and live vicariously through your creativity!


  1. There may not be all that much creativity but it sure sounds like heaps of work! Good luck at the exhibition.

  2. What a lot of behind the scenes work for the exhibit! Must be exciting though - although is it as exciting as your holes?? (just had a peak - glad the rain held off!)

    Have a lovely day!

  3. lots of hard work behind the scenes! good luck getting it all done :)

  4. The business of art hey? It takes up plenty of time.

  5. Planning always takes up more time than doing ... I've no idea why.
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