Friday, October 22, 2010


Welcome to the online opening night of
Emerging, an exhibition of free flowing abstracts
by Kylie Marie Stevens.

This exhibition physically opens at Drawing Point Gallery, Ipswich, Australia, at 6:30 on the 22nd on October 2010, the same time as it goes live on line.  I have chosen to do this for two reasons….  Firstly to honour and include all of the wonderful folks I have “met” online who have supported and encouraged me on this journey. 

And secondly to use this opportunity to share my works with as many people as possible.  You could help me on my quest to share this collection, by clicking one of the little "share" buttons at the bottom of this post, I would really appreciate it. 

Here it is is, the Emerging collection, raise you glass and wish me well as you enjoy the show…. (just press the arrow play button)

The artist Bio that accompanies the Emerging exhibition….

Kylie Marie Stevens has been painting for 20 years and is largely self-taught. While working at selling art materials and fine art prints in her twenties she experimented widely with both medium and style.

Many of her paintings were produced as exercises as she sought to master various materials and techniques, developing her knowledge and skills.

In her early thirties Kylie progressed to painting commissioned pieces for corporate and commercial premises as well as teaching adult art workshops - deconstructing the art process for novice painters.

When she paints from the heart Kylie’s works are often a homage to nature and the diminishing “untouched landscape” for which we are all responsible. 

The paintings in Emerging are abstracts and as such are open to many interpretations. For Kylie personally however they are expressive of different times, places, people and moods.

In the Adrift series Kylie was seeking to access her purest form of inspiration: a virtually subconscious vision, effortless and filled with joy. Reconnecting with this experience after becoming a mother has reawoken her ambition to share her art in public.
A huge thankyou to Anna for all of your patients and help writing this.

Feeling peckish?  These are some of the tasty treats we are enjoying at Drawing Point Gallery tonight...

Vol au vents laden with...
 smoked salmon, dill and cream cheese;
feta and rocket pesto
and hummus with kalamata olive

Thanks to Amy and Helen for offering your culinary skills to the event, I really appreciate you catering for me (and I am sure my guests will too!)

I’m having a surprise “lucky door” prize, exclusive to the online opening night.  To enter just leave a comment on this post and you are in the draw.  Make sure you leave your email address if you are a “no reply at blogger” type!  

If something in the exhibition has caught your eye and you want to make it your own, you can contact the gallery on ph: 07 3812 1188 or email:

So many wonderful supportive people have cheered me on in this journey.  I can’t express how much your support and kind words have meant to me.  I don’t think I would have been able to take this step, without you backing me.  Thankyou.


  1. awesome & a big CONGRATULATIONS to you, Kylie!!!
    Peanut was watching the opening online with me :))
    You have came a long way to make to this big achievement. Must be very proud about yourself! :) So proud of you: if you are not :P

    Thank you for your friendship and encouraging. *cheers* to your big night *cheers#2* cherish our friendship for you are always there when i needed someone.

    Love/ Irene & Peanuts xox

  2. Fabulous! I have my raised glass ( well actually it is a cup of tea) in the air for you! good luck! xx

  3. Congratulations! What a great achievement. I really hope it all goes well. I'm thinking of you from the other side of the Nullabor. I'd try cheering for you, but the whales in the Bight are just too noisy to out shout, so consider this an electronic cheer.

    Hope you're going to post piccies of you and your works at the big night. And best wishes everything goes well.

    (Woo, woo, whoop! (think Pretty Woman at the polo) :D)

  4. Congratulations Kylie!! All of your paintings are exquisite! I hope that you have a fabulous night! sorry that i couldn't be at the "real" event. :)

  5. Gorgeous Kylie, Congratulations May this be the beginning of a new journey for you.

  6. Oh my!!
    Some of those paintings actually MOVED my insides just by looking at them! That's the greatest compliment I could ever give an artist.
    Thank You for doing what you do xx

  7. Wow, What a beautiful showing of your work! I hope you are having a fabulous time at the opening and feel like the Belle of the Ball! These paintings are really gorgeous, and I know they look spectacular all hanging together on the wall. I'm raising my drink to you - although it's coffee, since it's early morning here :)
    Congrats, Kylie. Well Done.

  8. I hope you've had a super fabulous night Kylie! I celebrated with my plastic cup full of red cordial (there's not an ounce of alcohol in the whole house)... I'll be dreaming of paintings and banoffee tarts tonight.
    PS - Love how you set up the album of paintings!

  9. Congratulations. I am so very proud of you dream coming true and so happy for you. I wish you all the best and may this be only the beginning of a long and beautiful creative trip.

    Hugs from Romania!

  10. Congratulations Kylie, your pictures are all FABULOUS. I am sure the exhibition will be very well received. Love Anne

  11. What a great way to co-ordinate an exhibition. I know what a huge job it is to produce something like this, and now you've hung your heart on the walls for everyone to see. They are lovely, and seeing your development over the years is wonderful. Well done and I hope you slept well last night!

  12. Congratulations Kylie!
    Hope you had a fabulous night!x

  13. Hope you had an amazing night. The paintings are beautiful. I think Synergy is my favourite, but I also love Alight.

  14. Kylie, CONGRATULATIONS on the opening of your exhibit! I am certain you will be very successful! Your paintings are beautiful, emotional and so touching! Thanks for sharing them with the blog world too, it's as though we can be part of the excitement!
    You're awesome!
    Hugs and blessings to you on your journey.

  15. Congrats Kylie! I wish I could have attended the opening night, but I'm glad I'll be able to visit niext month at least! I loved the slideshow and the whole idea of an online opening! My faves are Synergy and Pisacia Vera! Beautiful work!

  16. Finally got around to looking at your opening night (sorry a bit late!) and the pictures aren't coming up on my computer! I'll have to come back and try again later! Hope it all went fabulously well! Congratulations on a momentous occasion!

  17. kylie~congratulations on your opening. your work is beautiful. the paintings are moving in their stillness.


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