Thursday, May 6, 2010


I sat on the floor and doubted and procrastinated...

 I decided to listen and follow the signs I was sent… 

I played with some colour schemes...

I mixed some paint and got stuck into it...

And look what I have to show for it!

I’m still riding high on my creative wave.
A title hasn’t revealed itself to me yet, so if the perfect title pops into your head please share!
How does this painting make you feel? What does it make you think of?
Now I'm off to Kirsty's to check out the feast of creative goodness that is on offer on My Creative Space day! Won’t you join me?

Edited to add this piece was titled “Namaste” thanks to a suggestion on my facebook fan page and it is now SOLD.


  1. It makes me feel like I'm floating :)

  2. Wow, the colours are divine. In fact, that's what it says to me - 'divinity'

    Ride that wave my friend. Ride it well.

  3. A beautifully warm embrace.

  4. I love the colours! Serene or serenity or tranquility...

  5. the painting leaves me feeling curious, with a touch of sadness><

  6. You are madly productive! WOW! It's inpiring! :)

  7. Ephemeral

    A wonderfully rich colour.
    Reminds me of something arabian.

  8. Found you! Phew! Beautiful! Happy weekend to you! suzie xxx

  9. Love the photo of the paints!

    The painting makes me think Red Eye, or of peacocks, or of submarines. Don't submarines have red lights when they're submerged? Anyway, these are just very silly things that popped into my head.

  10. Oh that painting is beautiful, it fills me with love, warmth and something I can't quite get the right words for.

  11. Yikes. That's some serious art, lady...Let us know what you come up with, name-wise...


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