Saturday, October 16, 2010

For Friend’s Afar…..

Blogging and connecting with folk on Facebook is fabulous, but there are a few little down sides….  Like the disappointment that all of my far flung friends can’t be a part of my exhibition opening….  But I think I have a solution.  Unfortunately I haven’t won the lotto, so I can’t fly you all in to be at the opening!  But I can give you an online glimpse…

Pistacia Vera
Kylie Marie Stevens
oil on canvas
1060 x 910 mm

So I’m thinking…online opening….  With a slide show of the exhibition pieces scheduled to auto post at the same time as the exhibition opens… 
A “lucky door prize” for a randomly drawn commenter…
Any other ideas on how you could feel included?  
Would you like copies of the recipes for the yummies that my fabulous friends are making for the nibbles? 
Should I include the galleries contact details – just in case someone wanted to purchase from the show?  
Would you help me to promote it on your facebook pages or blogs?  


  1. Fab idea! I'm in (and may steal this idea for my next open studio!)

  2. I think they're all fabulous ideas!

  3. excellent ideas Kylie!
    soo very exciting, it's getting close.

  4. I think these are great ideas Kylie! Do please give us the gallery website, so we can see their photos of the exhibit too. And you definitely should include the gallery contact info, because you just never know where one of your buyers can come from!
    Another idea, and it might be too far out an idea.. but how about a webcam or video of the exhibit? could be a total pain in the neck and not worth it, but I'm trying to brainstorm here..

    anyway, I'm excited for you!

  5. what a lovely idea :) OF COURSE we would promote you.. you just tell us what you want and when :) SO proud of you! And aren't you so very famous now with all your interviews! And I'll get to say.. "that's right! I have a pincushion by Kylie"

  6. Super ideas - and of course I'll give you a mention on my blog!!

  7. They're all fabulous ideas Kylie. I especially like the online opening idea, that would be great. Happy to promote it on my blog too, let me know if you specifically want something in a blog post.


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