Friday, October 15, 2010

Meet "Creative"…

I wanted a way to celebrate and commemorate the milestone of my first solo exhibition….

Mitsy Sleurs
from the “99 Feelings” – project
7.5cm high
unfired ceramic
Purchasing this sculpture form ArtMind’s Etsy store was just perfect.   “Creative” is from Mitsy’s 99 Feelings-project and I have loved her from the moment I saw her.  Of course it helps that 9 is my favourite number (so it follows that 99 is a fabulous number too!).  The shape of these little babushkas is just so perfect to me and I instantly connected with the way Misty has expressed feeling creative.  To purchase another artists work as I embark on this exhibition seems like good karma and I shall continue this tradition to mark future milestones in my artistic career…

And don’t you just love Mitsy’s”Happy Girls”?  She pops one in with everything she sells.  I am thinking mine is going to hang from my rear vision mirror as and “out and about” reminder of my achievement while “Creative” will live on the shelf above my studio desk, where it is safe from little hands and where I can see it as I create.

Do you mark milestones with a little something?  I haven’t done it before, but I really like the concept.  A friend of mine recently chose a diamond ring (for her husband to buy her) to mark the milestone of completing her PHD.  She completed it whilst also being a Mum to two kids under 3 – what a huge achievement.  I am so proud of her!

One week today until my exhibition opens…… 



  1. Soooo much better than a new dress! Very nice! I think you're right there with the good karma of buying from another artist - and a cute "Happy Girl" too!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Goodlcuk with the opening of your exhibition Kylie! I'm chuffed that you chose my work to celebrate a milestone in your life! I hope it will give good karma & inspiration.
    Happy girls love to live with happy girls so I'm sure she's in great company! ;) Enjoy!! :)

  3. that is just awesome Kylie, a fantastic way to mark it

  4. I also like to mark a milestone with something. When I've had a great sale, or a gallery has started carrying my work, or just whatever! I think it is a great way to celebrate and give importance to the events that shape our lives. You will forever remember this time when you see your CREATIVE piece on your shelf. I know you are probably getting jittery over your exhibition. It will be great! Congrats!

  5. Well i think that is an awesome idea and well deserved too. Such a gorgeous little gift to give yourself as well, so smooth and lovely.


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