Sunday, June 13, 2010

Repetitive Shadows

I love the rhythm in the shadows from the bollards and the colour in the lens flare. I know it wouldn’t normally be considered a very photogenic subject, but I thought it would be appreciated by my fellow shadow chasers!

Pssst… did you hear I am celebrating a blogging milestone with a giveaway? I love you to pop over and throw your name in the hat.

Once you have your name in the draw, why not make a cuppa and check out some more shadows? There are heaps on offer at Tracey’s today.


  1. Before I go to your give away I have to comment first lol!! I like your shadow it has a rainbow colors. Just awesome! Happy sunday!

    Running Squirrel

  2. I love the post shadows. The effect from the left side, to me anyway, is like climbing a spiral staircase and rounding the corner. Each shadow replicates one stair. Of course, each of these colorful hexagons floating just ahead of the shutter add a cool effect to the frame. Nice day, great orbs and shadows!

  3. I love your shadow shots for today! And I agree with Ralph -- as I often do -- that these are like climbing a staircase! And I love the colors! I hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


  4. It's a lovely warm shot - the colour and light is quite peaceful and serene. Hope your day has been the same!

  5. Yup! It sure is appreciated by me! That lens flare is cool!

    I'll pop over to your giveaway post now.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend Kylie. It feels nice to be able to say that seeing as we have a long weekend :)

  6. I love that photo.
    I just posted a 99 for you, it was lovely.

  7. My comment just vanished!! I'll try again .... I love the colours!!

  8. I absolutely love this photo! It looks like it's leading into early morning and tons of possibilities to me (I know you can get the effect in the afternoon, it just makes me think of morning).

    So glad we connected on Twitter so I found this!

  9. your photos are amazing! i just love this one and after scrolling through your blog i am just delighted by so many and can't wait to stop back again and see more! thank you for being so inspiring! thank you for finding me on twitter!

    see you in flying lessons!

  10. Great photo!
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