Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning and relearning…

Yesterday’s painting session was disappointing, but the day wasn’t a complete loss. I learnt some lessons – big things and little things. The little things are mostly things I already knew, but they came around and smacked me in the head because I was ignoring them!
• Don’t skimp on the materials – make sure I have enough of the colours/mediums I plan to use and mix more than enough colour at the start, so I am not stopping and starting trying to match colours.

• Turn off facebook/twitter before I enter the studio. I am loving social media for feeling connected and sharing what I am up to in real time, but I need to focus (that goes for the little ding on outlook too – the email will still be there when I am finished!)

• As much as I love having a great playlist on the good stereo, the dodgy little radio in the studio keeps me focused and in the space

• I really like working with transparent colours and just don’t go for white mixed into colours

So these are the little things, I may need to print this list for my notice board so I don’t keep forgetting things I have already learnt! Stay tuned for some big ponderings….


  1. those are great lessons/reminders! glad you got something out of it- :)

  2. I think we are all a bit guilty of looking for and finding distractions. Would be soo good to be completely prepared, focused and organised. I might even try it myself.
    Fiona x

  3. It is all too easy to get sucked into blogs/facebook/twitter/whatever ..... even my husband has to read the comments left on my blog! Last year when we were on holiday in Singapore we went to the cinema - the boy in front of us kept reading his texts - which meant his phone lit up, which was very annoying - I am sure there was nothing that urgent that he had to read it in the middle of the film!! Please don't get stressed about doing my pictures ... I am quite happy to wait for them!! Love, Anne


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