Friday, June 25, 2010

Isn’t it funny…

How your state of mind can really affect what you see when you look at something?

I painted this little pair of watercolours a few weeks back with Anne from Frayed at the Edge in mind. She had liked Pink and Pretty I & II, but couldn’t make them hers as they were a commission.
I wanted to see if I could paint something in the same range for her, that she would like.  I was excited about the design, but when I finished them I really didn’t like them at all, so I scanned them, but never sent a copy to Anne.

This week I sat down and painted this little pair and I was really happy with them. When I scanned them I came across the first pair and now with fresh eyes I really liked them too! I emailed images of both pairs to Anne and she likes both and can’t decide which she likes best!

Can you help us choose which pair should make there way half way across the globe to the UK to make their home in Anne’s studio?


  1. I like the top ones best. Looks like the flowers are just waking up, big yawns and stretches. I think the other two are talking.
    Well thats what I see...

  2. I like the top ones too, especially the little flourishes underneath the petals. I like how they look a little cleaner and simpler. That's my two cents! :D

  3. Both sets are lovely but I prefer the first set.x

  4. Difficult choice but I think I prefer the first set.

  5. Love them both but the first set gets my vote as the preferred set! Anne with love either set I'm sure!


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