Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day or night?

When do you create? I was pretty firmly a day girl years ago when I had a day off during the week and therefore the house to myself. Since Little Guys arrival I have had to change many of my creative habits. The paintings I have done recently have been created at night after Little Guy was tucked up in bed, with a glass of red and some tunes on, cocooned in my space.
Today Little Guy is off to his Family Day Care home and I plan to paint. The studio is ready the canvas is prepared and I am scared.
I’m scared that it is just not going to flow in the day – there will be no glass or two of red for a start! Hopefully when I have the house to myself and the tunes on the fear will dissipate and the creativity will flow. Wish me luck……


  1. I'm definitely a day crafter... unless it's something that I can craft on the couch, like a bit of hand stitching or some knitting.
    Good luck with the inspiration today!

  2. well if you need a glass of red then just have one :) but I have no doubt you'll find the inspiration needed

  3. What a gorgeous photo. I love photographing the tools of the trade.

    I'm a day painter by choice. Mornings work really well and then late afternoons. I like the natural light and the birdsong to accompany me when I'm painting.


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