Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peacock Pod

Yesterday was my day to paint, but I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I just pottered around stretching canvases and editing photos. I fell into bed exhausted and disappointed, feeling I had wasted my only day to paint this week. I slept restlessly for a while and then woke with an idea, I contemplated staying in my nice warm bed, but the feeling was too strong, so I relented and wandered into the studio.

Peacock Pod
Watercolour and pen on paper
254 mm x 178 mm

I knew so many details about this piece before I even set foot in the studio. I knew it had to be completed in watercolour and a particular brown brush pen. I knew the colours and the layout. It’s so surprising to me that it had to be watercolour, I rarely use them, I have never been confident with watercolour. I had to scramble around to find the pen I had in mind and hunt out the watercolour paper. I sat and practiced the colouring and lightly sketched out the design. I hardly faltered, just moving from one step to the next. Towards the end I decided to add the extra brown dots, I didn’t angst over the decision I just did it.

This is such a departure form my regular style, which is a funny sentiment to me as my “style” is so varied and unsettled anyway, but this piece is way out there for me! I’m pleased to say it has had some positive feedback on my facebook fan page already. I gave them a sneak peek this morning, if you want to get the first look at things and a bit more behind the scenes action you are very welcome to come and join me over there too.


  1. Loving it!!! 100% ace. Oh my... and it has sold already. Little wonder why.

  2. This one looks like a face :)


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