Saturday, May 29, 2010

I’m blossoming….

Into me, a more authentic me than I have been for a while and I’m loving it. I feel like this simple little water colour symbolises the ways I feel I am blossoming.  I little bit funky, a little bit quirky, standing out from the pack – but not way off the scale! Maybe one day I will be completely out there, but for now, just a little left of centre is where I feel at home.

"I'm Blossoming"
water colour and pitt pen on coffee stained paper


  1. It's so wonderful to watch you blossom.

  2. Oh I just LOVE this one Kylie! A very big shame it has already sold :( well, a big shame for me anyway, not you!

    Glad you are feeling like a more authentic you, it's such a great feeling when that happens, when you realise you are just you.

  3. Popping over from Flying Lessons. This is a great image -- love it!

  4. How sweet! And it sold already! Even sweeter! Congrats. It's a lovely piece :)


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