Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A little time….

I dropped Little Guy off this morning for his first day at Family Day Care, I was pretty stressed about it, but he was fine. Isn’t that just kids all over? There have been no tears or problems reported in the numerous comforting text messages I have received from his day care mum this morning. He will be going one day a week to give me a little time to focus on creating and on getting my Etsy shop up and running.
I have been photographing and listing like crazy this morning, so please pop by my shop and tell me what you think.
I still haven’t listed any copper jewellery as I am having issues with the copper chain. It oxidises so quickly and is leaving a blackish mark on my skin, it is easily cleaned off both the jewellery and my skin, but I am not happy to sell them if that is going to happen to people. I don’t know which way to go, I might go back to the black cord that I used in the beginning, but first I will look into some coloured silk cords I have seen on Etsy.
I’d better get back to the grind stone, I have about two million jobs on my “to do” list today!


  1. We have that same one day a week childcare set up - and I run around like an even headless(er) chook for five hours and forty seven minutes. Yep. Nuts!

  2. I vote silk cords for your necklaces! My nestling tableware is in the kiln RIGHT NOW! But I won't see them til next week...cross your fingers for me :) I'll blog photos of them for sure. Thank you for your lovely comments, I got the first email just as I started writing this comment and so its gotten longer and longer haha!


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