Monday, March 29, 2010

Burnt Organza Flower Tutorial

You asked for it….. so here we go, my first ever tutorial! I’m a bit nervous; I hope it is clear and inspiring.
Draw some different sized circles on your fabric (I am using glass organza in these photos). I cheated and traced Little Guy’s stacking cups, but you don’t have to be precise.  I used a chinograph pencil, it works well on the organza and I had it on hand. I am sure you will find something in your supplies that will work (perhaps even a fabric marking pencil!!!!).
Cut out your circles; don’t worry about being too neat.
We are nearly ready for the fun bit now….. But first a couple of safety tips. Every now and then the fabric catches on fire instead of just melting, so have a bowl of water on hand. I have been able to blow out any wayward flames so far – but “be prepared”.
This is really stinky business, the glass organza isn’t too bad, but some of the fabrics I have used are incredibly smelly (and probably toxic) – so make sure you open all the windows.
Hold the edge of your fabric about half a centimetre away from the side of the flame (you can use a candle for this bit too; the soldering torch is just a bit faster and more precise). The edges should start melting before your eyes; just keep turning the fabric circle around until you have melted all of the edge. Try not to touch the freshly melted bit – IT’S HOT! Repeat on all of your circles.
This next step gives the flowers a natural, organic shape and a nice fullness, but you can skip it if you want flatter, more abstract flowers. I haven’t had any luck using the soldering iron for this step – the cooler candle flame seems to be the way to go. Hold the circle about 5 centimetres above the flame and as soon as it starts to crinkle move it away from the heat. This bit takes a bit of practice; I have burnt holes at this stage quite a bit!
Then just arrange your circles in a stack; biggest to smallest and stitch the layers together.
Then decorate the middle.  I’ve used beads or pearls or little loops of thread; the options are endless.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if any of this is confusing. I would love to see your flowers if you give this a go.
Have fun…..


  1. Oh wow - the tutorial is fab Kylie. Very easy to follow. I'm looking forward to having a go!

  2. I love the tutorial but my husband is worried I may set the place on fire....he thinks I should stick to the knitting :-) Well done, great photos and easy to follow!

  3. you are a star!! well done on your first & hopefully not last tutorial.
    Love it..this is where I add.."I may even be able to do it :)"
    thanks Kylie ♥

    p.s do you believe I am still waiting on those brooches!

  4. sweet...... :) you made it looks so easy to make, Kylie! X

  5. Great tutorial! Looking forward to giving it a go one day.

  6. fanstastically clear and easy to followx well donexthanksx lynda

  7. Fabulous tutorial Kylie! Thanks!!

  8. Neat Idea!! Thanks I'm going to try it!

  9. Tania - Jet Designs01 April, 2010 09:08

    well done Kylie - I love em! - very girly very feminine! very quick! Can't wait to have play date with you very soon !

  10. Oh that is just wonderful! I am all inspired now :-) not sure it will improve my cough/cold much but it will definitely brighten my day :-) Thank you Kylie <3


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