Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hidden Camera......

If you’re a regular over here, you will know just how exciting this package is………Prepare to be very jealous.
I desperately needed a new camera bag, the ugly old one had broken zips, was way too bulky and was seriously lacking in style, the plastic buckles also squeaked – especially annoying if out on a peaceful bushwalk!
So I put out a call and Super Pops came to the rescue. I am now the very proud owner of a custom made, super funky Curly Pops camera bag.I was a bit worried about commissioning a camera bag; especially from opposite sides of the country, but this process has been a dream.
So if you are feeling jealous and you think a camera bag like this could make you life easier (and more stylish) don’t just sit there being green, contact Ms Curly Pops and put in your order today.
This is a pic of me and my new “friend” on our first outing together, there will be so many more. It’s fun to try to imagine all of the adventures this stunning new bag will be part of!


  1. l am jealous!!love the colourxlyndax

  2. I love the last photo and the front page article of the paper. Made me laugh!!

  3. How perfect! It looks beautifully made and so you. Love the model shot too!

  4. I have, in fact, already ordered one... well almost... just waiting to buy my camera but we are in discussions!

  5. Stunning.
    She is one clever lady.

  6. Thankyou so much Kylie!
    Wowee your photos are soooooo much better than mine (which proves why you need a swanky camera and camera bag). That front page was definitely 'meant to be' for sure.

  7. very nice indeed!! well done Cam.
    I love the newspaper aswell :)

  8. I already got a sneak peak over at Curly Pop's blog. I think the bag is smashing!


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