Monday, April 26, 2010

Saggy Baggy...

A couple of weeks ago whilst taking in a swag of Creative Spaces I found Fell4U Crafty Stuff, Mandy’s little space. She was making a set of Saggy Baggy Elephant blocks and I knew I had to make them mine, well I suppose Little Guy’s as he is the one with the Elephant collection!

At this stage Little Guy is most interested in stacking them up and knocking them down, but they will be fun for him for years, as he learns how to use them as a puzzle and put the images back together.

Thanks Mandy, they are so sweet and will be well used and well loved.


  1. That's a lovely cute collection for Little Guy! :)

  2. oh your picture makes them look very impressive! lol Thanks for the lovely comments. These little ones love to stack things don't they? lol Mine does the same.

  3. what a gorgeous little elephant!

  4. Isn't that fantastic. Such gorgeous blocks. Mandy is one clever crafter.


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