Saturday, April 3, 2010


Sort of! I have finally finished the very simple little knitted wash cloth that I started way back on my old blog. Knitting is not something that comes easily to me, so I’m glad I pushed through and finished it.
In the past, in my very limited knitting experience, I have just cut these endy bits off. But I have absorbed while hanging around lot of talented knitters in blog land that there is another “proper” way. I gather I am supposed to sew these bits into the stitching. Can anyone elaborate for me?


  1. I have no idea... but your wash cloth looks amazing. Bravo!

  2. Great job, I want to make some wash cloths, but am having trouble finding cotton yarn.
    To sew the ends in, just use a wool needle or an embroidery needle with a large eye. Wool needles are best because they're blunt, so won't split any of the thread that it passes by. Once you've thread the needle, just weave the endy bits back through the last row of stitching. I hope that helps. :-)


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