Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I’m back…..

I was away a little longer than I expected, but I feel the break has really done me good!  We spent some time camped by a river and some time hanging out at home.  I feel refreshed and keen to get stuck back into everything.

The first order of business is to draw the winner of my “lucky door prize”.  I used to draw the number and Kelly Thiel is the winner with the 7th comment.  I felt a bit funny about it at first as Kelly is one of my very favourite bloggers (she is a fabulous sculptor – you really must check out her work) and she has been such a big support to me lately.  But then I realised I have so many favourite bloggers, that it was very likely that what ever number came up with they would be one of my favourites!!!!!  So Kelly the surprise lucky door prize will be jetting its way across the globe to you very soon.

I have been experimenting and playing with encaustics. I have been keen to give them a go for a couple of months, but I made myself wait until all of the exhibition work was done.  I think I am in love with painting with hot wax and naked flame!  More about that in another post…..

ps I was going to add a nice picky of our river side retreat, but I am getting a weird sign in to “Google Cloud Picker” message followed by and error message when I try to load a photo.  So for now – no piccies.  I have Googled the problem and found that I am not the only one suffering.  Hopefully it is all put right soon….. I’ll be in trouble if it isn’t what is an arty blog with no piccies?????  If you have had the same problem and found a solution, please share.  

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