Friday, November 19, 2010


Last night I attended the inaugural Philosophy Café in Ipswich.  It was a really enjoyable evening, vibrant conversation, good coffee and an engaging speaker (thankyou Gil!).

One little aside has had my head swimming ever since…  Whilst discussing what is or isn’t art, an audience member voiced her opinion that communication (or a desire to communicate something) was a key ingredient she used to measure if something was art.  I have always held a belief that passion was a necessary ingredient in art and now that I ponder it, communication hits a chord and rings true for me as well.   

“Is Communication the Key?”
Kylie Marie Stevens
Encaustic and collage on timber
235 x 290mm

I’ve put together this little encaustic collage whilst I have been pondering this morning.   I’ve never worked with typography in my artwork before.  I’d love to know what you think… Both about this little piece and what you think art is…


  1. What an intersting question. I don't think art has to communicate anything. Sometimes art is just there to look beautiful, and as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what one person likes, may not be the same as someone else.
    For me, I choose art for my walls based on what makes me happy (hence most pieces are quite colourful and bright). They serve no purpose other than to make me smile!

  2. I love this artwork Kylie. Your works seems to be really expanding at the moment.

    As for the bigger question, yes I think art is about communication. I think it comes from a desire to communicate the way we see, feel and interpret the world. However, I think passion is what drives the way we communicate in all things, including our art.


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