Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blogging Blah’s…..

I anticipated a bit of a slump, post my exhibition, but I thought I had planned cleverly enough to sneak past it…

I made plans to escape on a little camping break soon after the opening and I put off starting my eagerly awaited launch into encaustics until after our return from camping.

And as much as I loved the camping and the encaustics are all that I hoped they would be I am still in a bit of a blogging and inspiration blah.  The rest of life is swimming along just fine and I am still creating… mostly experimenting and learning with the encaustics.  I’m just not feeling those bolts of inspiration.

I’m normally so keen to blog, with my head full of more posts than I have time to share.  But lately I’m just not feeling it, I’m so out of touch in my blog reading and I have been seriously considering just closing down the blog and walking away.

In my heart I know this would be a mistake.  I value the friendships I have made through blogging to much and I know that being part of blogging community brings me inspiration and motivation.

I just need to give myself a kick in the pants and get back into the swing of things.  I know many of you must have been through this sort of thing before.  How did you pull yourself out of it? 

So my creative space is full of doubt…  Perhaps a little blog surfing around creative space land will provide me with the kick start I need???  See you at Kirsty’s.


  1. I wonder if a lot of your energy and excitement is focussed on the new house????

  2. am the same, just like you. odd enough i was drafting a post similar like yours. I haven't been blog. page. creative. none.
    I thought of shutting the FB's quite a few of them who are on my page seems to be more of a lurker observing what am doing..n what's next for my biz.

    I have the strong urge to move away from 'being out there' and just step back+concentrating doing the creative thing. sorry, dont have anything for you to get out of the am finding my feet too. Just hanging there I supposed. For me, am hanging with Peanut. lol

  3. I don't think you need to kick yourself in the pants at all. I think you just need to go with where you are at and let the inspiration for blogging return when it does. And it will you know.

    I don't think blogging should be a chore. It's easy to put pressure on ourselves and think I should be writing or reading or, or, or. But really it doesn't matter. We'll still be around when you get back to both reading and writing.

    Enjoy whatever else is calling you for now.

  4. I definitely know the feeling.. there are times I'm lucky if I get to do my own post, let alone keep up with so many lovely blogs! One, I've cleared out my blog reader (as in I just deleted the unnecessary ones that I was always just skimming past anyway) so that I know I'm going to only have posts I'm interested in popping up. Two, I know that the rest of you get busy, too and I stop feeling too guilty because I know when that inspiration strikes I'm going to be back on and someone will be reading :)
    We luv you and will wait patiently for whatever you would like to post whenever you would like to post it

  5. I've been like that for weeks so I took a break. It's no good doing something because you have to. You just end up resenting it. Take some time to yourself and recharge and you'll be that much more excited when you come back.
    My Creative Space

  6. Yep when it encroaches on other things/time you just need to step back for a bit - Tinniegirl has some good advice - I need to listen to it too :-)

  7. When the blogging blah hits its usually accompanied by a creative absence to, I just try and kick back and let it pass.
    try not to put too much pressure on yourself, it will still be there when you return,if you want to return!

  8. yes it does happen, just leave, let it go and when it comes back you will be ready
    everyone's different, you have to do what is right for you!
    But I would love you to still be around this community!

  9. I think a lot of it is still down to the anti climax after your exhibition ..... unfortunately after highs, we have to suffer lows. I think the best thing is to stop thinking 'I have to' or 'I must' If you feel like posting, then post, if you don't, then so what. Real friends will still be here ready to pick up the threads when you come back (as I'm sure you will) Love Anne

  10. My advice?? Take two weeks off. Write a post, saying you will be regenerating your spirit and filling your creative soul with other things, and get the h*ell off the computer. And then stop worrying about it. Go paint. Go check on the house. Go for a walk or have some wine with your man. Then after the two weeks, if you feel inclined to do so, then write a post. If not, wait another week or so. We will be here when you get back, and if you don't come back?? Well, I have your email address :)

  11. Blog when you feel inspired to, and don't when you don't want to. Life's too short to not enjoy everything you do. If you have lots to post some days, then why not write extra posts and set them to publish in upcoming days, or just leave them sitting until you have a lull and want to fill a gap?

    I've settled into blogging for me - and I don't feel the pressure to do it now!

    Keep smiling and have fun!

  12. I think the same as everyone else really. Sometimes you just need to leave it alone for a while. For a while I started to feel pressured to be entertaining. Pressured by myself I have to say. Sometimes it seems like every other blogger is more funny, more inspired, more successful... than yourself but to be honest it doesn't really matter.
    I hope you do keep your blog going though as I do enjoy reading about your projects.. no pressure though x


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