Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spring is in the Air…

Welcome spring, my favourite time of year. I love the blooming, the rebirth, and the buzz in the air.

The fabulously supportive Kellie from 74 Lime Lane has interviewed little old me…. So if you want to see what I had to say pop over and if you are popping over this way from Kellie’s welcome! I hope you like what you see and click that little follow button so you can stick around.

I am waiting (not terribly patiently) on some BIG news this week. I’m like a teenage girl sitting by the phone. I actually jumped when rang the other day – but it was just a girl friend, not the long awaited news. Keep your fingers crossed for me please, it might be the little bit of luck I need to get me over the line…..


  1. Crossing my fingers and toes it all goes your way!!

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Yes she is a cool and mysterious character :) Beautiful photography esp the Red Shadows pic!

    Hope you stop by again soon -

  3. Enjoyed the interview over at Kellie's place.

    I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you too.

  4. Spring at your end means fall at mine. I love both but would wish for a very soft fall wit still lots of sunshine as we had too little.
    Enjoy all the new life popping up & hopefully some good news too! Keep us informed as you are making us curious!! :)

  5. I have my fingers and toes crossed too - and now I'm heading over to Kellies for a read!

  6. Fingers firmly crossed!! I, too, am waiting for a phone call - from the picture framers to say that my pictures are ready!!

  7. Fingers crossed to have things work out in your favor. Lovely interview, btw!

  8. Oh my goodness, it sounds like you are having a very big and exciting week indeed. Good luck with the phone call, I hope it comes soon.
    I'm heading over to Kellie's now.


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