Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sneak peek at “Arrival”…

I had decided I shouldn’t share any new painting photos here or on my facebook page before my exhibition opening.  But I couldn’t help sharing a bit of a look at this beauty!  It was such a fight to get this piece to live up to the magnificent vision in my head.  And to put extra pressure on myself I had already given it the “staring spot” in the Adrift series, so it had to be good….

I pushed through the “ugly stage”, I persisted with the never ending need to clean my brushes as I went, and I gave myself a big pep talk (and just quietly I switched from coffee to port!) and I got through it.  I’m so glad I did, I love it now!  Do you have greater affection for your “hard won” creations or the ones that come really easily?  

This piece holds a lot of symbolism for me, but more about that another day… It’s time to go and check out everyone else’s creative spaces….

Ooohh just remembered Kirsty is having a holiday, so there may not be a “My Creative Space” today.  What a strange Thursday today will be if that is the case!  If you pop by here anyway and have a creative space sort of post happening, make sure you leave me a comment, so I can come check it out… So I don’t go into creative space withdrawals!  


  1. WOW Kylie, that yellow is so bold! It looks amazing! I can definitely see this with the other paintings in the series :) Looking forward to your exhibition!

  2. love it and yahoo for port!

  3. Really vibrant. Can't wait to hear more about it and see this series together!

  4. Hi Kylie, just catching up after a busy few days. I'm looking forward to seeing how your house develops! The painting looks fabulous - I think we appreciate things when we have to strive to achieve them. Anne x

  5. Wow Kylie; this is even better than I expected. I wasn't expecting the yellow but it is wonderful! Very nice!

  6. I am having a lovely time to see who is continuing from last week because I didn't get through the list anyway I have twice as much to look at. Love your paintings.


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