Monday, September 20, 2010

Excitement and lists

I am all about lists at the moment, with all that is going on I have to do lists coming out my ears!  I do love a good list; it’s so satisfying to cross jobs off!  There are some pretty exciting jobs on my “to do” list at the moment, so when Tinniegirl suggested I share I jumped at the chance.   

Little Guy is going to spend a little time in the country with his grandparents this week, so I actually have a fair chance of getting to most of the jobs on this weeks list!

It doesn’t look good for the rain easing up anytime soon in these parts though – trust us to start building right when they predict the wettest summer in years!


  1. That is a fabulous to do list. Pity about the rain not going away for you.

  2. Hi Kylie! I love a good list too, I seem to write reams of them. Sometimes I write a list that includes the lists I need to write - lol.

    I do love crossing things off a list.... I find putting a line all the way through it is so much more satisfying than just ticking it off. Sometimes I do both!

    Looks like you've got a fair bit going on according to your list!

    Linda. x :)


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