Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Box Making…

No painting today, I’m making a box...  

I’m speaking about my arts practice tonight at the Creative Generator [Social] Networking Event.   I know public speaking – ARRGGHH, I said yes really quickly before the chicken in me could think about how nerve racking it was going to be!

But back to the box making. … I am taking along this piece, Community Ties and so it makes it there and back safely, I am making it a little box.  

If you have something precious that needs boxing, check out this lecture for some great tips.  He makes some really valuable points within the lecture, my favourite being” If you show people that you honour and respect your work, they will too”.  

Wish me luck for tonight, my stomach is doing summersaults!  


  1. Firstly congratulations for overcoming your fear of public speaking last night, it sounds like your speech went brilliantly.

    The Encaustic box making video is fantastic, I had not really thought too much about dealing with the pieces once they were finished and left the studio, even storage in the studio. Very professional presentation. How did the box making go?

  2. blessings to you! all will be well, you have so much to offer!

  3. It's been too long since I dropped by your blog. Btw how did your presentation go?
    Lou xo


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