Thursday, February 17, 2011

Community Ties

My blogging space may have been quite slack lately, but my creative space is still full steam ahead.  I am madly in love with my latest painting.  It doesn’t always feel like this when I finish a piece, but this is the feeling I am always chasing.  Knowing that it can feel this good is what pushes me along through all of the hard work.

"Community Ties"
Kylie Marie Stevens
encaustic, copper and twine on canvas
450 x 550mm

I am embarking on a new series exploring the concept of “Community", for me the copper balls represent the people within the community that are tied together with the twine that symbolises different strands or groups within our larger communities. 

Community Ties - detail

I’m hoping to do a piece soon on my involvement with the bloggy community, but I haven’t yet come up with a way to represent it.  What does community mean to you?  Do you feel a stronger connection with your physical/locality community or your online community?

I hope you are having a good Creative Space day… Pop on over here to join in the fun.


  1. Love the painting, and your idea of representing connections!

  2. wow, that is such an interesting question...they are both filled with real, authentic relationships...I can't say I feel closer to my blogging friends than I do to my family or my local community....I feel love and connection to everyone.

    I love your piece too...keep playing, much to be revealed in the experience of creation!

  3. Lovely piece Kylie!

    Oh I just tried to answer you question and failed! I'll have to think about it. Finding and becoming involved in blogging has helped me develop and grow a side of me that I hadn't focussed on that much previously. It's nice to be able to tap into a whole WORLD of people who share a similar interest!

  4. Interesting piece. I liked reading about the thought process behind it. Online communities are fun. This month I have not done a lot of messaging and blog visiting, facebooking etc and I have found that I do miss it. Just keeping up with everyone's day to day is what I miss.

  5. I love it too, gorgeous! The detail photo is lovely in its own right in my opinion too :)

  6. wow, i like this idea and the colours and texture.
    hopefully you can feel like this with your next piece too :)

  7. Beautiful.

    I love my bloggy peeps!

  8. Interesting thoughts. I guess I feel like the online community feeds certain parts of my soul that prehaps are lacking in the 'real' world. Sometimes especially in small rural communities it is difficut to be fed if your a creative type you don't quite fit in.

  9. What a beautiful way to represent the concept.

  10. Love the copper and twine!! I think we all enjoy being in good company of so many other women who enjoy creating and it seems easier to do this online. I am lucky enough to have both though.

  11. Stunning. My favourite to date me thinks.

  12. oh lovely one!
    your snap shots are just darling!
    keep up the good work!
    x x x


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