Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My sketchbook is in the mail….

My little book is now on a big trip to America to join 28 000 other sketch books on a national tour and then to take up residency at the Brooklyn Art Library.   

The good folk at The Sketchbook Project granted all participants an extension and boy did I need it!

My theme for the project was “Sleepless” and after a couple of false starts (and completely destroying, rebinding and recovering my sketchbook!) I decided to build my sketchbook around a music festival we attended in December.  The festivals name was “No Sleep Til” and we anticipated a sleepless weekend!  

I must give a big shout out and thankyou to photographer Elleni Toumpas who was gracious enough to let me use some of the shots from her blog as reference, as I didn’t get as much sketching done at the festival as I anticipated…

So here it is without further ado, your very own sneak peek at my sketch book…


What an adventure this little sketch book is off on… I wonder who will flip through it and what they will think...


  1. Love your theme - very cool!

  2. how cool your sketchbook looks awesome!!! happy journey little sketchbook xx

  3. Lovely work! Congrats on getting it done!


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