Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I’ve been inspired by my community as the flood waters receded and thousands of helping hands have been offered to those in need.  It’s amazing the creative ways that people have found to help and contribute. 

The Swich Contemporary Art Space have called for donations of artwork for a flood relief auction and I have painted and submitted this piece for consideration. 

Kylie Marie Stevens 
encaustic on linen
450 x 450mm

The background symbolises the receding flood waters and the circle of dots the people coming together to help and contribute as we begin to rebuild.   I hope this feeling of community spirit and strength continues long beyond the clean up and recovery stages.  


  1. Love this one Kylie. You've really captured "community" in this one, very well done.

  2. It's a gorgeous piece Kylie. I am loving your work with encaustics.

  3. This is an absolutly stunning painting, full of thought.

  4. Lovely work! It says exactly what you intended and even more!


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