Thursday, January 21, 2010

A fresh start…..

Hi, I’m Kylie and I have a really short attention span! (or perhaps I’m just easily inspired???)

I have just posted my last post on my first blog, it lasted 5 months. But I haven’t lost interest in blogging – far from it; I just needed a fresh start. I just launched my Etsy store and I decided that as I wasn’t thrilled with the name I chose for my first blog, now was the time to bite the bullet and change. So farewell "created by Kylie" it’s time to embrace "Chasing Purple Dreams".

I am a busy, busy, busy at the moment with a huge to do list of things I want to do to get both the Chasing Purple Dreams Etsy store to a place where I am happy.

I am holding dreams in my heart of this year being the year I can find some time to get back to my painting and I am discovering new techniques and filling my head with new jewellery designs all the time. I will be staring a short silversmith course soon and I hope to improve my photography skills and knowledge this year.

So although I may get obsessed with things from time to time, my short attention span will assure you of a multitude of different things to catch up on when you drop by! And who knows what I will be into next, I could be just hours away from a new obsession!! Making wooden toys? Sock monkeys? Marine biology? Don’t ask me I had no idea I would end up making jewellery, things just evolve, I never know when the next obsession will bite!

Thanks for dropping by, I do hope you will join my little band of followers and leave me a comment every now and then to keep me company on this dream chasing expedition.


  1. Great start on your new blog. I'm glad you made the move and started an etsy store

  2. Congrats on the new part of your journey. Look forward to following along.

  3. Loving your new blog....I am an avid follower and fan...You know I am



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