Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cooking in the studio

Cooking today, but in my creative space, not in the kitchen…


  • 1 kg pure bees wax
  • 200 gr refined bees wax pellets
  • 220 gr damar resin crystals


Mix together all ingredients and melt over low heat stirring constantly until combined (about 30 minutes). 

Ladle mixture into patty cake tins and wait till cool and resolidified.

Pop out of tins and store until next painting day!

My favourite kind of cooking – mixing up encaustic medium.  It feels so good to have a big fresh batch all ready to go.  The possibilities of it are endless; I wonder what paintings this batch will become…

For those of you following my disaster in the studio yesterday, take 2 didn’t go well.  But I will resurrect this piece, take 3 will be the winner – I just know it.


  1. I just went to read about your disaster- Oh no! I have days like that, when I know I just shouldn't touch my sewing machine!
    Hope take 3 works out well!

  2. oh wow, what an interesting recipe, Kylie! I'd love to come and play - I know nothing about painting but I feel intrigued by the materials you use!

  3. Oh jeez - good luck! When I have days like the ones you talked about, I have to just leave the studio and go do paperwork :)
    I know you'll capture this one perfectly!!


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